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Proactive Parenting

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Parenting – the most difficult job in the world. It really does take a village! 

Our Proactive Parenting Program for parents of children of all ages takes a holistic approach by helping adults understand themselves first– their values, how their experiences affect their feelings, self-esteem, how trauma impacts the developing brain and more. Then we move on to relationships – healthy vs. unhealthy, feelings and needs, and most importantly, how do we assertively and communicate our feelings and needs. In turn, we teach our children how to do so. Next comes simple and practical strategies parents can adopt to suit their own values, beliefs and needs. In this proactive program, participants will learn skills and techniques they can put into practice right away!

Refreshments included.  Cost: $20 per session, sliding scale available. $30 per session for couples. Children are welcome at $8/child per session.

Please contact (530) 303-3372 or for questions or to sign up.  Will go fast, act fast!

Proactive Parenting is a flexible 16-week program and is tailored to meet the needs of the participants. Each session runs 90-120 minutes and includes interactive activities, games, discussions, and/or video. The following is an overview and detailed description of each session, which may change order or class based on the needs of the participants. Please note that each part builds upon the previous one from the individual to partnerships to parenting:

  • Part 1: includes five sessions on the individual parent– values, goals, self-esteem, power of positivity, developmental trauma/ACEs and impact on the developing brain, behavior is communication, self-care

  • Part 2: includes five sessions on relationships – healthy vs. unhealthy (balance of power), domestic violence, feelings and emotion management, needs, and assertive communication, importance and types of boundaries

  • Part 3: includes six sessions of Active Parenting (with adaptations based on current neuro science) - focus on raising courageous, cooperative, and positive children.


Topics include: styles of parenting, mutual respect, getting rid of punishment and rewards, what is discipline, logical consequences (for certain children), goals of behavior, behavior is communication, problem solving with your child, avoiding power struggles, how to hold family meetings, family enrichment activities.


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