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Ages 6+ years


Goal: For students to learn the Afro-Brazilian martial art/art form of capoeira, a combination of martial arts, music, dance and acrobatics. We want to inspire our students to train hard, have fun and learn important martial arts values that will help them in other aspects in their lives (Humility, selflessness, discipline, respect, dedication, perseverance.)


  • Students will learn the first "Cordoa" a series of basic moves to build a foundation of the style.

  • Learn the history of capoeira and Brazilian culture

  • Develop confidences and learn about respect

Registration Packet

Please print and fill out packet here and bring it to first class.

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About the Instructor

Instructor Cebola (Alex Cañas-Patz)

From 2000-present

I became very interested in capoeira after watching the very cheesy but cool movie “Only the Strong.”  I lucked out and found my teachers Mestre Acordeon, Ra, and Suelly in Berkeley CA and began training with them.  There, I learned all about commitment and pushing myself to grow as a capoeirista and in anything else I wished to excel in.  I’m happy to have learned so much, especially about the martial arts aspect of this art form.  It’s very important to teach the concepts of defense and attack as well as Malandragem (deception/trickery) in order to gain confidence and be safe in the Roda (the circle people make in which the game of capoeira is played.)


I’m very proud of my teacher, Mestre Accordeon.  He developed and implemented the first code of conduct in a capoeira academy.  This code ensures that students learn respect, restraint, humility and other martial art traits that help to develop good character.

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