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Play to Learn, Learn to Play

Kindergarten Prep

We believe the time before kindergarten is an exciting moment in a child's life and an amazing time for growth. Our program offers a foundation for both academic and social emotional skills that will help them throughout life.

Program Highlights

Play to Learn - Learning about letters and numbers is so much more fun when we use hands-on manipulatives, games, and activities. 

Learn to Play - We use the social emotional skill building evidenced-based program called SecondSTEP which includes four units - Skills for Learning, Emotions, Emotion Management, and Playing Fair.

Movement and Music - We know how important play and art are to the development of both mental and physical health. Your child will enjoy age appropriate songs, instrument, crafts, and skits.

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten

Next Semester Starts Jan 16th. Join in Anytime!

Regular Federal Holidays Observed

Days: Monday - Thursday program

Ages: 4, 5

Time: 9 am - 1 pm

$ 90 per Week



Call 530-303-3372 or email for more information

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